Can I attend if I’m not coming with a team?
Of course! The Duckathlon is only for the brave and hungry so we will have a pairing station onsite to place you in a team of fellow food enthusiasts.

People are wearing costumes in the videos I have seen. Do we need to dress up?
No, you do not need to dress up to participate in the event, but if you want to dress up, who are we to stop you?

Do I need to be a professional chef to participate?
No, this event is open to all those who love food, from the novice to the knowledgeable.

Can I attend if I’m under 21?
Sorry, this event is for 21 and older ONLY.

Will there be alcohol?
Yes, there will be 5 alcohol challenges and generous tasting bars.

Will there be non-alcoholic beverages?
Yes, water and other non-alcoholic beverages will be available.

Will I need to purchase anything while I’m at the event?
No, everything is included in your ticket price.

Can I buy my ticket at the door?
Tickets must be purchased ahead of time. You will not be able to buy tickets at the door. Please visit our Eventbrite page for more ticketing information.

Do I need to print something to prove that I bought my ticket?
When you buy your tickets online, you will receive a confirmation receipt. You will need to print this confirmation and you will exchange it for your event wristband directly at the door.

What if I have dietary restrictions?
Each tasting will have a description card with its name and main ingredients. You can also ask our Chefs for more details.

Wheelchair accessibility
Yes, The Duckathlon is wheelchair friendly.

Photography and Recording
By entering The Duckathlon, you agree to be filmed, photographed or recorded and agree to the use thereof for commercial, marketing or promotional purposes in any manner or media. Pictures from the event will be posted on The Duckathlon Website at theduckathlon.com and on D’Artagnan’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/Dartagnanfoods and Twitter @dartagnanfoods.


For inquiries regarding tickets and event information, please email us at Duckathlon@dartagnan.com.



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